WordPress Website Repair

We’ll restore your website – and your peace of mind

Rescue My Web gives businesses and organizations peace of mind in knowing that their website is safe and secure.

We’ve been helping clients restore compromised sites since 2002 and host all websites on our secure Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS servers offer security, scalability and reliable speed and load times. We perform regular backups to prevent data loss. This will also speed restoration if your site is hacked in the future.

We know the importance of getting your website up and running as quickly as possible to minimize the downtime and lost revenue a compromised site can cause. We also understand the stress that a hacked website can lead to. That’s why our web experts deliver personal customer service. We’re available by phone or email to provide you with quick responses to your questions or concerns.

In addition to identifying and removing malicious code from your hacked site, our WordPress website repair services can restore your website to its original condition. We’ll also make sure you are able to make changes to your site when you need to.

Ensuring a healthy website

Rescuing compromised sites is just one of the services we provide.

Rescue My Web performs security audits to ensure your site is protected against hacks. If you’ve lost data as a result of accidental deletion, server failure or database corruption, Rescue My Web can help retrieve and restore your data.

Does your site load slowly? Are there features that don’t work correctly? We can optimize your site to improve speed and responsiveness.

At Rescue My Web, our decades of experience gives us the know-how to help your website perform optimally, giving your customers a positive experience with every visit.