Rescue My Web can restore your site and
protect you from future attacks.


Globally, an average of 30,000 websites are hacked every day. If your site is one of them, don’t panic; the recovery experts at Rescue My Web are here to help. We have decades of experience working with websites of all sizes and a proven track record of site recovery.

First, how can you determine if your website has been hacked?

Here are some common signs:

  • Your site becomes extremely slow.
  • Pages are displaying 404 errors.
  • Visitors can’t access your site.
  • Your site redirects to another website.
  • Your homepage automatically refreshes so the user cannot interact with the site.
  • Your subscribers receive emails from your site that you didn’t send.
  • Your website’s appearance has been altered. Images may look distorted, content may be missing and links are broken.
  • Emails you send go to the recipient’s spam folder.
  • Links on your site direct users to other, suspicious-looking websites.
  • Hundreds or thousands of new pages that you did not publish appear on your site.

Can my site be saved?

The good news is most hacked websites can be recovered.  If you believe your site has been hacked and you are not a programming expert, your best first step is to contact a site recovery specialist such as Rescue My Web.

An immediate action you can take is to change all of your administrative passwords. This includes passwords that allow you to access your hosting account, FTP accounts, content management system, databases connected to your site and email accounts associated with the website. If other accounts, such as social media accounts, have the same log-in as the hacked website, change those too.

Rescue My Web will take immediate action to save your site, first by creating a backup to preserve the clean data and functions.

We’ll then thoroughly examine all account activity to identify where malware has been installed, remove it and install protections to prevent future attacks.

You may not be able to totally prevent a hack to your site. If your site is compromised, count on Rescue My Web to get you up and running quickly and safely.