Secure WordPress website hosting to keep your
business up and running


Where to host your website is one of the most important decisions you can make to keep your website safe. There are many hosting companies, offering different server types – and a wide range of pricing.

How do you determine which is best for your site?

Rescue My Web hosts all websites on a virtual private server (VPS), which offers your website its own dedicated protected space and resources. With a VPS hosting solution your website will have greater security, scalability and more reliable speed and load times than with shared hosting, which typically is the least expensive hosting option.

Don’t Fall Victim To Cheap Shared Hosting Platforms

With shared hosting your site may be affected by the other sites on the server, resulting in a greater potential for slowdowns if there isn’t enough bandwidth available at any given time. There also is an increased possibility of cyberattacks. Even if the attack is directed to another site it can affect ALL websites hosted on the shared server.

Other types of hosting include cloud hosting, which is the same as shared hosting but for large sites, and dedicated hosting, which means your site is hosted on its own server. The latter is also more common for large sites due to its price. It also requires a tech-savvy staff member to manage it.

When you host with RMW, your site will be protected by:

  • Routine monitoring to identify and remove malware before it attacks your site
  • Frequent backups to ensure your data is safe and reliable
  • Adequate resources resulting in fast speed to create a positive experience for site users
  • A seamless migration process to our server, whether your site is built on WordPress or another platform

In addition, we include an SSL certificate with every hosting package. Our reliability, speed and scalability offer a safe hosting environment for WordPress sites of every size.

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